Building communities of practice

Communities of practice are groups of people who share a concern or a passion about a topic and who deepen their knowledge and expertise by interacting on an ongoing basis. Their success depends primarily on the voluntary engagement of their members and on the emergence of internal leadership. Informality and autonomy are key for a community to blossom.
Communities of practice prove to be a very effective knowledge strategy. But how to develop that strategy, knowing these success factors?

About Ariane Moussault
Ariane is active in the field of project management since 1992 as an independent project manager, a project management trainer, consultant and coach. She is involved in a wide variety of sectors and industries from construction to IT, from banking to high tech, from chemicals to culture. Moussault is also the author of two (Dutch) books on project management strategies and methodologies. Gained her experience in cultivating communities of practice at ASML, in the role of director PMO.