Digital transformation and digital integration; the fun factor & streamlining of steering information.

The world is changing rapidly. There, we have no direct influence( = digital transformation). How do we ensure that in and around our often virtual, multidisciplinary and multicultural project teams everyone has the right (steering) information at the right time?

It is of greatest importance that digitization does not so much gives us less work, rather it brings us a different way of working which definitely shouldn’t result in more work. Here, we have our influence; we can decide ourselves what to do with the digital transformation ( = digital integration).

Which trends do we adopt and adapt to, and which do we ‘sit out’ for a while? What does the digital workplace of a virtual project team look like? How can we ensure that we can benefit from each other’s qualities at the right time and in the right way, even if we are working in a different time zone at the other side of the world? How can we digitize or even visualize our project portfolio perspective? And how do we create a digital symbiosis of fun and work? For generations we have taught humans how to understand technology. Moving forward, we will teach technology how to understand us. In future, will we be searching for information or will information find us?

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