From Control to a Learning Perspective

Still a substantial if not a too large number of change programs- and projects are not or not entirely successful. Of course, success is just a seven-letter word and can mean a world of difference to the various stakeholders and actors.

Experience with Gateway Reviews in the Netherlands, in particular in the Dutch Government, shows that a successful balance between content, process, relational and cultural aspects is essential for a successful change. The workshop explores interactively and playfully what the optimal balance is between attention for controlling and learning aspects in program and project management.

Who are Pieter Frijns & Robert Bierwolf?

Pieter is a professional on strategic issues, business/IT alignment, risk management, and project assurance, experienced in knowledge management and learning of organizations. Frijns has been working in the Dutch Central Government for more than 25 years in several departments. As a member of a management team and as programme manager he has been responsible for various reorganizations and strategic changes. At present Frijns is the managing director of the Gateway Review Office in the Central Government. He is responsible for all Gateway Reviews (peer reviews) on high-risk programmes and projects in the Central government as well as the local government.

Robert Bierwolf reflects on more than thirty years of experience in providing professional interim-, program- and project management services to typical large client organizations in various industry and government sectors and is the founder of MBBI bv.  Robert is Vice President for IEEE Technology & Engineering Management Society as well as board member of other professional bodies and institutes. Currently, Robert is shaping his Ph.D. – project around the theme of “Towards Project Management 2030”.

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