Keynote announcement of the PMI Netherlands Summit 2018!

People drive change

This era is about disruption, the digital transformation, lean start-ups, minimum viable products, IoT, Agile leadership, SCRUM, scaled Agile framework and the ongoing need to innovate and transform your organization to a 4, 5 or even 6.0 version and what have you. Key to success and even to succeed are projects, agility and continuous change. The latest PMI Pulse of the Profession® confirms this, indicating that high performing organizations build the capability and capacity to change and adapt quickly to shifting market conditions and competitive pressures. And where does that capacity reside? In the very human beings who struggle valiantly to deal with all this change.

When we look for the reasons that a project succeeds or fails, we usually come up with a complex cocktail of aspects: communication, resources, objectives, priorities, scope a nd on and on. And we tend to overlook the most important, the most powerful foundation which determines whether a project works or not: the human factor! 90% of crisis management focuses on the human factor. When a project is incredibly successful we discover again and again that the secret ingredient is engaging people working towards a shared goal. And what is so difficult and mysterious about that? You are about to find out. In this PMI Netherlands Summit, the human factor, the people drivers and ongoing developments in this area, in an agile and continuously changing world, will hold the center stage.

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