Patrick van Veen an well known Dutch behavioral biologist, will be the openings keynote during the PMI Netherlands Summit 2018!

It is all about MONKEY BUSINESS

Darwin’s Survival of the fittest is maybe the best management quote for this era, meaning: the one who adapts to the changes in the surrounding world will survive. However, sometimes our human behavior conflicts with change and adaption to new challenges. What is the influence of our primal behavior? Or is it just politics that withholds us from change?

Patrick van Veen will guide you through his virtual zoo, to explain what the human complexity is with change but also how we can deal with challenges as cooperation, information sharing and use of expertise. Primates will demonstrate how our primal behavior is conflicting with the changing world and work environment, however we will also see an optimistic perspective on the human species. This lecture will help, you to understand your behavior and that is the key to start the change of behavior.

About Patrick van Veen

Patrick van Veen (1970) is a Dutch behavioural biologist, he wrote several bestsellers with titles as Help, my boss is a gorilla and Monkey see Monkey do” about the comparison between human and primate behavior. He is a trainer, management consultant and keynote speaker. However, he is also a passionate researcher studying bullying behaviour in primate groups and school classes. And he does research with chimpanzees to study the basic motivations in cooperation, change and communication. In the Netherlands and Germany, he is a requested behavioral expert for the media. Patrick is since 2017 chairman of the Jane Goodall Institute | Global.

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